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Solving complex industrial and Human centered problem with main motive being serving humanity and the environment, we focus on education, climate action solutions, Energy and Telematics and monitoring.


We offer Constancy in the following engineering aspects: 1. Embedded software 2. Selection, maintenance on electrical equipment such motors, pumps, UPS, Transformers and many more. 3. Professional lighting design for both interior, outdoor and streets especially in places like sub station, council street lighting and shopping malls. 4. PLC, drives and MIS selection and implementation strategy. 5. Remote monitoring and IoT systems. 6. Academic projects at University level 7. Research 8. Thermal heat Tracing Against winterization

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ZStudy a new way of learning your traditional subjects on the app a new way of providing Education as a service.

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ZStudy early adopters


Genius Zambia most innovative STEM solution award


WaterHandler manufactured and being Tested at the home of our first client in Texas USA.


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